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Chemco Products manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of wastewater treatment chemicals. We offer many unique coagulant blends to address specific types or combinations of industrial wastewater. Our line of high molecular weight polymers, in both dry and liquid forms, have been selected for their superior flocculating and/or sludge conditioning characteristics.

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Cationic Polymers for General Wastewater Clarification

P-250 – Medium-low molecular weight cationic polymer solution. Effective coagulant in water containing high suspended solids.

P-255 – Liquid cationic polymer; medium molecular weight. Excellent coagulant for high levels of suspended solids — can be used as adjunct to metal salt coagulants.

P-430 – Polymerized aluminum compound in liquid form. Provides superior coagulation of fine suspended solids with minimal impact on water pH.

E-Coat Paint Detackification

P-346 – Excellent liquid coagulant for water-based paints; creates dense, detackified sludge.

P-510 – Liquid aluminum/cationic polymer combination that effectively coagulates and detackifies water-based paints.

P-560 – High molecular weight cationic polymer emulsion. Superior sludge dewatering and secondary clarification abilities.

P-840 – High molecular weight cationic polymer emulsion. Provides excellent performance in secondary clarification and sludge conditioning processes.

Liquid Coagulants, Coagulating Agents for Heavy Metal Precipitation

P-430 – Liquid polymerized aluminum coagulants which are extremely effective in heavy metal precipitation processes and combined industrial wastewater. These coagulants have low impact on process water pH.

P-501 – Unique blend of liquid coagulating agents designed for use in combined metal finishing wastewater.

P-605 – Liquid iron salt/cationic polymer combination with wide-ranging application in the metal finishing industry. Excellent product for hydraulically-overloaded systems.

P-710 – Polymerized aluminum/cationic polymer blend which is especially effective in waste streams containing high levels of suspended solids.

DMC – Carbamate solution for precipitation of chelated metals.

MPX – Liquid organic heavy metal precipitant.

Flocculant Polymers

P-112 – Convenient solution of high molecular weight anionic polymer that does not require dilution or aging prior to use. Excellent flocculant for most industrial wastewater applications.

P-142 – High molecular weight anionic polymers in emulsion form. This flocculant polymer creates dense floc and produces superior clarity in a wide range of industrial wastewater processes.

P-508 – 100% active powdered anionic polymers. Economical, produces dense floc and unsurpassed clarity.

Remove Oil from Wastewater, Oily Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

P-291 – Excellent cationic polymer coagulant for emulsified oils and greases.

P-410 – Liquid aluminum/cationic polymer combination with excellent clarification and separation abilities.

P-810 – Concentrated blend of polymerized aluminum and cationic polymer. This product is a “sleeper”: it tends to work where most other coagulants fail.

P-975 – specialized aluminum salt/organic polymer blend

Phosphate Precipitation, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals for Removal of Phosphates

P-400 – Liquid calcium compound for safe, effective precipitation of soluble phosphates.

P-422 – Proprietary blend of liquid coagulants designed to remove phosphates and clarify combined industrial wastewater.

P-424 – Unique liquid coagulant blend for wastewater streams containing high levels of phosphate; superior clarifying ability.

P-510 – Liquid aluminum/cationic polymer blend for a wide range of phosphate precipitation applications.

P-605 – Effective liquid combination of iron precipitant and cationic polymer; creates dense, easily-settled floc.

Raw Wastewater Clarification, Clarifying Water Treatment Chemicals

P-142 PWG – High molecular weight anionic polymer, in convenient emulsion form. Excellent flocculant for lime softening and raw water clarification systems.

PW-244 – Low molecular weight liquid cationic polymer which is especially effective as a filtration aid.

PW-291 – Medium molecular weight cationic polymer solution. May be used alone or in combination with metal salts to settle suspended solids.

PW-340 – Liquid polyaluminum chloride coagulant. A highly effective alternative to traditional metal salt coagulants; has minimal impact on water pH.

P-508 PG – Dry 100% active anionic polymer powder for economical flocculation of clarifier solids.

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals for Color and Scale Problems

PW-300 – Dry polyphosphate powder, 100% active. Superior sequestrants for iron and manganese.

PW-302 – 100% active sodium polyphosphate with very good sequestering ability; also prevents/removes waterborne deposits.

PW-304 – A concentrated solution of sodium polyphosphate with very good iron/manganese sequestering.

PW-320 – Liquid combination of orthophosphate and polyphosphate which is both a very good sequestrant and an effective corrosion inhibitor.

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