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Chemco Products, Inc., has been in the business of producing high quality, competitively priced silicone and organic defamers, as well as other specialty water and wastewater treatment chemicals, since 1983. Located in Howell, Michigan, Chemco’s production facility can produce and package defoamers in quantities from 5 gallon pails to totes or bulk.

If you have been purchasing defoamers from any of the major suppliers, you should be aware that Chemco has beat most of them in head to head competition in both price and performance. If you need food grade, USDA certified defoamers or defoamers blended to meet your specific application, Chemco can supply these also.

In addition to defoamers, Chemco also offers additional water treatment products such as aluminum chlorhydrate and dimethyldithiocarbamate, as well as blended coagulants, which can be offered at substantial saving to help round out your water treatment requirements.

Chemco’s efficient operation keeps costs down and our dedication to quality assures reliable consistent performance. By focusing our efforts on customer satisfaction and quick turn-around, many orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

Call Chemco Products at (517) 546-7800 for samples and product technical bulletins. If you have any questions, you can talk to of our helpful representatives.


Manufacturers of water treatment chemicals for industrial waste water and municipal drinking water treatment applications. Products include silicone defoamers, food-grade / USDA-certified defoamers, organic defoamers, water-based emulsion defoamers, potable water treatment chemicals, flocculent polymers, corrosion inhibitors, e-coat paint detackification products, and sequestrants for color and scale water problems. Also, molecular weight polymers, cleaners and degreasers for wastewater treatment, liquid coagulant agents for heavy metal precipitation and phosphate precipitation, oily water and paint wastewater treatment chemicals.

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